Sustainably Grown, Thoughtfully Delivered 🌲

Nestled just on the outskirts of Glasgow is our Christmas tree farm. Every tree you choose is a product of careful nurturing and local love. And our promise? For every tree that brightens your home, a new one takes root in our farm, ensuring a continuous cycle of growth and sustainability. In collaboration with our partner company, Root One, we ensure that each tree, grown with dedication, reaches your doorstep in impeccable condition. Choose local, choose sustainability, and let the spirit of a conscientious Christmas light up your festivities.

  • A Tree for a Tree

    We plant at least one new tree for every tree that is cut down. That way, we will be making sure our farm is sustainable and good for the planet.

  • Local Delivery

    Our trees come straight from our farm to your door, unlike national retailers, we do not ship our trees to multiple warehouses across the country

  • Locally Grown

    Every tree we sell comes directly from our farm. All the trees grown on the farm are planted and cared for by our team.

British Christmas Tree Growers Association Logo

Part of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association

We are pleased to be a recognised member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Associations. Their stamp of approval is a testament to the consistent quality of our Christmas Trees.

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