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An Edemill Nordmann Fir

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Nordmann Fir

The Nordmann Fir stands tall among Christmas tree varieties, boasting both beauty and durability.

Native to the mountain regions of Europe, this tree is renowned for its symmetrical shape, deep green needles, and alluring fragrance that fills the home with a fresh, wintry scent. One of the notable benefits of choosing a Nordmann Fir is its needle retention; even as the festive season progresses, it maintains a lush appearance with minimal needle drop. Additionally, its sturdy branches provide ample support for a generous spread of ornaments, from delicate baubles to heirloom decorations.

When it comes to combining aesthetic appeal with practical benefits, the Nordmann Fir is a top contender, ensuring a memorable and magical Christmas centerpiece for your home.

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An Edenmill Norway Spruce


Norway Spruce

Embracing the charm of old-world Christmas traditions, the Norway Spruce stands as a timeless favourite among tree enthusiasts.

Hailing from the cool forests of Northern Europe, this tree is celebrated for its iconic conical shape, vibrant green needles, and unmistakably festive scent that evokes memories of Christmases past. Its aromatic presence is often the first indicator that the holiday season has truly begun in many households. While the Norway is the classic beauty and rich scented Christmas tree it does shed it needles more than all other varieties we stock when kept in a warm environment. However, these trees are ideal for a non-heated conservatory or outside.

With its strong, well-spaced branches, it graciously holds ornaments ranging from heirloom treasures to children's handmade creations. Opting for a Norway Spruce means embracing tradition, fragrance, and the quintessential Christmas tree experience.

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An Edenmill Frasir Fir


Fraser Fir

Heralded as the pinnacle of Christmas tree elegance, the Fraser Fir has earned its reputation through a fusion of beauty and resilience.

Native to the high elevations of the Appalachian Mountains in the southeastern United States, this tree is characterised by its silvery-green needles, which possess a delightful, soft-to-touch feel. The Fraser Fir stands out not only for its aesthetically pleasing, uniform pyramid shape but also for its signature fragrance—a pleasant blend of balsam and cedar. One of its standout attributes is its superb needle retention, ensuring that the tree remains lush and vibrant throughout the holiday season. Its sturdy, slightly upturned branches provide the ideal platform for an array of ornaments, from weighty trinkets to shimmering tinsel.

For those seeking a tree that combines visual splendor with a festive aroma and lasting freshness, the Fraser Fir emerges as an impeccable choice.

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An Edenmill Scots Pine


Scots Pine

Rooted deeply in history and tradition, the Scots Pine is the UK's only native pine tree and has graced homes during the festive season for centuries.

Recognisable by its distinctive long, slender needles that present a rich bluish-green hue, this tree carries with it an aroma that's both woody and refreshing, truly reminiscent of a winter forest. What sets the Scots Pine apart from many other Christmas trees is its remarkable needle retention; its needles remain firmly attached, ensuring a consistently lush and full appearance throughout the festivities. Another defining feature is its strong, robust branches, capable of supporting even the heaviest of ornaments with grace.

Opting for a Scots Pine means choosing durability, a touch of wilderness, and a deep connection to the heritage of festive celebrations in the British Isles.

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