What Real Christmas Tree Do I need?

What Real Christmas Tree Do I need?

The festive season is upon us, and nothing heralds its arrival more than the timeless tradition of setting up a Christmas tree. If you're considering a real tree this year, let us introduce you to the Nordmann Fir, the evergreen beauty that could be the perfect fit for your holiday celebrations.

The Majesty of the Nordmann Fir

Originating from the mountainous regions of Georgia and the Southern parts of Russia, the Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana) has steadily climbed the ranks to become Europe's number one Christmas tree choice—and for good reason.

Aesthetic Allure

First impressions matter, and the Nordmann Fir doesn't disappoint. This tree species boasts a lush, rich green color and a glossy sheen on its needles that captures the yuletide sparkle like no other. The Nordmann's needles are soft and pliable, making it a family-friendly option, especially for homes with playful children and curious pets.

Unparalleled Needle Retention

One of the most significant advantages of the Nordmann Fir is its exceptional needle retention. Unlike other varieties, the Nordmann holds onto its needles exceptionally well, even in the warm environment of a cozy home. This means less time spent vacuuming up fallen needles and more time relishing the festive spirit.

A Scent-Free Option

While many people love the aromatic ambiance of real trees, some are sensitive to strong scents. The Nordmann Fir is known for its very light fragrance, making it an ideal choice for scent-sensitive individuals and ensuring it won't overwhelm your home's aroma.

Sustainability at Its Core

With sustainability increasingly on our minds, choosing a Nordmann Fir from a reputable farm ensures you're participating in an eco-friendly cycle. These trees are grown with a commitment to environmental stewardship, and for every tree harvested, farms often plant several more in its place.

Size to Suit Every Space

Whether you're looking to fill a grand living room or a compact corner, the Nordmann Fir comes in various sizes to fit your space perfectly. And with a naturally symmetrical shape, you'll find it has an innate balance that requires minimal trimming.

Caring for Your Nordmann Fir

To keep your Nordmann Fir looking its best throughout the season, follow these simple tips:

  • Keep the tree away from direct heat sources like radiators and fireplaces.
  • Use a tree stand that allows for adequate water, and keep it topped up daily.
  • Consider using LED lights that emit less heat to reduce drying out the tree.

The Heart of Your Christmas

A real Christmas tree brings a piece of the winter wonderland into your home. The Nordmann Fir, with its beauty, practicality, and sustainability, stands out as a top choice for creating that magical Christmas atmosphere.

So as you gear up for the holidays, consider the Nordmann Fir—not just a tree but a centerpiece that breathes life into your cherished Christmas traditions. Visit us at Edenmill to select your perfect tree and let the festivities begin!

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